Kim Min Kyu, Kim Jae Wook, And More Usher In New Wave Of Second Male Lead Syndrome

Second male lead syndrome is back in the drama scene with actors ranging from Kim Min Kyu to Kim Jae Wook.

Kim Min Kyu first appeared on the sixth episode of tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life,” playing the role of Yeon Bok Nam, who consistently pursues Yoon Ji Ho (played by Jung So Min).

When Yoon Ji Ho visited a cafe to look for a part-time job, the owner asked her to find Bok Nam, explaining, “He has curly brown hair and is wearing pink clothes. You’ll see that he’s pretty on first sight.” From this description, Yoon Ji Ho thought Bok Nam was a puppy, but he turned out to be a guy just as adorable as a puppy instead.

Since then, Bok Nam has been stealing hearts with his persistent pursuit of Yoon Ji Ho, who is six years older than him. He not only directly asked her if she had a boyfriend, he also got her a job at the same cafe he worked at. “Why do you think? Because I like you,” Bok Nam replied when questioned why he did all that for her.

Although Bok Nam is like an innocent, sweet puppy when he is with Yoon Ji Ho, he becomes on edge when he faces her husband Se Hee (Lee Min Ki). All eyes are on the complicated relationship between Bok Nam, Yoon Ji Ho, and Se Hee to see how it will unfold.

tvN’s “Revolutionary Love” is another drama that brought the second lead syndrome. Gong Myung is also receiving great love for his devotion as he plays the role of Kwon Je Hoon, a close friend of Baek Joon (Kang Sora). As he shifts between being curt and sweet, he is the typical second male lead who viewers fall for.

Kim Jae Wook in “Degree of Love” shouldn’t be left out as well. With his mature charms, he stays by Seo Hyun Jin‘s side no matter what, protecting and caring for her. Jang Ki Yong in “Go Back Couple” has also been gaining huge popularity. He is the perfect boyfriend that girls dream of in university, impressing many as he pulled his umbrella over Jang Nara who was standing in the rain.

Although these actors may not be the male leads in dramas, they have won over the viewers’ hearts with their charms.

Which second male lead has caught your eye?

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