Go Kyung Pyo Talks About His Emotional Reaction To Seeing Na Young Suk PD During “Youth Over Flowers”

Producing director (PD) Na Young Suk revealed he was nervous because Go Kyung Pyo cried when filming “Youth Over Flowers.”

On November 11, Na Young Suk led a talk at the tvN Happiness Exhibition 2017.

The PD explained, “The ‘Over Flowers’ series is a traveling program, but ‘Youth Over Flowers’ has a whisking away story because we do a hidden camera. We wanted to just drop people off somewhere when they haven’t even prepared anything.”

He continued on to say, “In youth, you go to a country with only yourself and eat their food, buy and wear their clothes, and feel the country, which is what I think a youthful trip should be, and why [the show’s] concept became traveling without an itinerary.”

Actor Go Kyung Pyo, who featured on “Youth Over Flowers,” made a surprise appearance. When asked about his first impressions of Na Young Suk PD and Lee Jin Joo PD, the actor replied, “I was so startled and I cried. I thought ‘[Na Young Suk] PD is right in front of my eyes?’ I wasn’t close with [Lee] Jin Joo PD at first, so I wondered if it would be safe to go on a trip together.”

In response, Na Young Suk remarked, “I was nervous because he suddenly cried. You can be surprised, but I didn’t think there was a need to cry. I thought [Go Kyung Pyo] had a lot of thoughts and deep emotions. I hoped he could express it well through the broadcast.”

Finally, Go Kyung Pyo shared “Na Young Suk PD told the ‘Reply 1988‘ members ‘Once you get older, I think it would be good if you guys did it together again as ‘handsome middle aged men.’ I was really thankful.”

Na Young Suk added, “Even though our time together is short, thanks for always coming [to support me],” showing off the close relationship between the PD and actor.

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