Meet All 126 Idols Competing On “The Unit”

After auditions wrapped up in the November 11 episode of “The Unit,” the KBS idol rebooting show has now shared profiles of all 126 contestants who were selected to take part in the show.

There are 63 female and 63 male contestants, with some of the contestants initially failing during their auditions but later selected by the mentor panel to join the show.

Voting for “The Unit” began on November 11 at 10 p.m. KST, and TMON’s website servers crashed as fans tried to vote for their favorites.

Find out which idols are competing on “The Unit” below!

Male Contestants

B-Joo (ToppDogg)

Casper (formerly Cross Gene)

Chaejin (MYNAME)

Chan (A.C.E)

Cya (MAS)

Daewon (MADTOWN)

Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Dongmyeong (MAS)

Euijin (BIGFLO)

Feeldog (BIGSTAR)

Giseok (IM)

Hojung (HOTSHOT)

Gunmin (B.I.G)

Gunwoo (MYNAME)

Harin (MAS)

Hangyul (IM)

Heedo (B.I.G)

Hojoon (ToppDogg)

Hyukjin (100%)



Ji Hansol (former SM trainee, now under J-FLO Entertainment)

Jin (MVP)

Jin.O (A.Cian)

Joong Hee



Jun (A.C.E)

Jun (U-KISS)

Jungha (BEATWIN)

Junghoon (TopSecret)

Jungsang (A.Cian)

Kanghyun (MAS)

Kanto (TROY)

Kijoong (IM)

Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

Kyeongha (TopSecret)

Lee Geon (MADTOWN)

Lee Jung Ha


Lim Jun Hyeok (formerly DAY6)

Marco (HBY)

OneJunn (Boys Republic)


Raehwan (BIGSTAR)

Rayoon (MVP)

Rockhyun (100%)

Sangil (SNUPER)

Sebin (SNUPER)

Sejun (SPEED)

Seyong (MYNAME)

Seongho (formerly BEATWIN)

Seungjin (A-JAX)

Suhyun (SNUPER)

Sunghak (BIGSTAR)

Sungjun (Boys Republic)

Suwoong (Boys Republic)

Taeeun (IM)

Taeho (IMFACT)

Taro (HBY)

Ungjae (IMFACT)

Yonghoon (MAS)

Z-Uk (formerly BIGFLO)

Female Contestants

Anne (S.I.S)


Chahee (MelodyDay)

Chaesol (GOOD DAY)

Chaewon (S2)

Dabin (Baby Boo)

Dana (Matilda)

Euijin (SONAMOO)

Euna Kim (formerly The Ark)

Eunbyeol (LipBubble)

Eune (S.E.T)

Eunji (Brave Girls)

Gaeul (S.I.S)

Genie (GOOD DAY)

Haein (LABOUM)

Haena (Matilda)

Han Areum (formerly T-ara)

Hanbi (LipBubble)

Han Seo In (also known as Yeonkyung, formerly member of F-ve Dolls, The SeeYa)

Heejin (GOOD DAY)

Hyeyeon (BESTie)

Hyosun (H.U.B)

I (solo)

Janey (GP Basic)

Jiwon (GOOD DAY)

JOO (solo)

Kang Min Hee (Miss $)

Kim (Rubber Soul)

Kwon Ha Seo (formerly HA&DA)

Lee Bo Lim (actress and model)

Lee Hyun Joo (formerly APRIL)

Lee Ju Hyun (Cube Entertainment trainee)

Lee Suji (formerly The Ark)


Lucky (GOOD DAY)

Mint (formerly Tiny-G)

Nari (Wassup)

NC.A (solo)

Park Ji Won

Saebyeol (Matilda)

Sandy (Apple.B)

Sebin (S.I.S)

Semmi (Matilda)

Seol Ha Yoon (solo)

Serri (Dal Shabet)

Shin Ji Hoon (solo)

Somyi (DIA)


Taee (S.E.T)


Woohee (Dal Shabet)

Yang Jiwon (formerly SPICA)

Yebin (DIA)

Yena (G-reyish)

Yeoeun (MelodyDay)

Yeseul (Wings)

Yoomin (MelodyDay)

Yoonjo (formerly Hello Venus)

Yujeong (Brave Girls)

Yujeong (LABOUM)

Yujeong (S2)

Yuji (Apple.B)


“The Unit” airs every Saturday on 9:15 p.m. KST on KBS 2TV. Watch the show below!

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