“The Unit” Reveals How Each Team Was Formed For The “My Turn” MV Mission

On the November 10 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Unit,” all of the contestants met for the first time and completed their first mission.

The contestants were separated by the number of boots they received during their auditions. When they all gathered in one room together, MC and mentor Rain appeared to tell them that some contestants who received zero boots would also be participating because they passed the consolation round. Then, he announced their first mission which was to become the main characters of the “My Turn” MV.

All of the contestants had to form teams of nine members, and the winning team of each gender would become the center of the “My Turn” MV. After surveying the room, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo got to work and approached contestants he was interested in to asked them to join his team. After recruiting six members, they were short three members. BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, who was now a part of Timoteo’s team, approached Boyfriend’s Donghyun and recruited him, Kanto, and 100%’s Rockhyun. In the end, Timoteo’s team was made up of participants who had only received six or super boots.

The female contestants were also given the same mission and scrambled to form teams. Dal Shabet’s Serri ran to former SPICA member Yang Ji Won to be in her team. Yang Ji Won had planned on being on the same team with APRIL’s Hyunjoo but expressed sadness when she was unable to. Also, Melody Day’s Yoomin asked contestants to join her as their eyes met. After the mission was announced, she looked around the room and “like destiny”, her eyes met with DIA’s Yebin and SONAMOO’s Euijin.

Although the winning teams were not yet announced on this episode, “The Unit” already released the MV for “My Turn” back in October that revealed the center groups. In the end, the Red Unit for the boys and Red Unit for the girls were selected as the center groups.

Check out the teams and their members below!

White Unit (Girls): Haein, Lee Suji, Jiwon, Gaeul, Euna Kim, Janey, Chaesol, and Yujeong (Brave Girls).

Yellow Unit (Girls): Yena, Eunbyeol, Taee, Yujeong (S2), Heejin, Kang Min Hee, Eune, Hanbi, and Sebin.

Blue Unit (Girls): Sandy, JOO, Yuji, Yeseul, Soya, Lena, Kwon Ha Seo, Lucky, and Shin Ji Hoon.

Black Unit (Girls): Serri, Nari, Woohee, Yujeong (LABOUM), Park Ji Won, Yang Ji Won, ZN, DanA, and Haena.

Green Unit (Girls): I, Yoonjo, NC.A, Hyeyeon, Chaewon, Saebyeol, Semmi, Genie, and Viva.

Orange Unit (Girls): Lee Hyun Joo, Kim, Seol Ha Yoon, Mint, Dabin, Hyosun, Bomi, Han Areum, and Lee Ju Hyun.

Red Unit (Girls): Euijin, Somyi, Yeoeun, Han Seo In, Eunji, Lee Bo Lim, Chahee, Yoomin, and Yebin.

White Unit (Boys): Jungha, Daewon, Jian, Suhyun, Dongmyung, Yonghoon, Cya, Kanghyun, and Harin.

Yellow Unit (Boys): Hangyul, Sunghak, Gunmin, Sungjun, Suwoong, Raehwan, Sejun, Seongho, and Jeup.

Blue Unit (Boys): Seyong, Jude, Euijin, Gunwoo, OneJunn, Kyeongha, Junghoon, Giseok, and Sebin.

Black Unit (Boys): Jun (A.C.E), P.K., Rayoon, Chan, Taeeun, Jungsang, Sangil, Lim Jun Hyeok, and Jin.

Green Unit (Boys): Jun (U-KISS), B-Joo, Hojoon, Taro, Heedo, Lex, Jin.O, Seungjin, and Junghee.

Orange Unit (Boys): Taeho, Casper, Z-UK, Chaejin, JunQ, Hyukjin, Ungjae, Lee Jung Ha, and Marco.

Red Unit (Boys): Kijoong, Feeldog, Rockhyun, Donghyun, Timoteo, Lee Geon, Ji Han Sol, Kanto, and Hojung.

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