“Prison Playbook” Introduces 24 Characters With Intriguing Posters

tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Prison Playbook” has released 24 new character posters ahead of its upcoming premiere.

“Prison Playbook” will be produced by PD (producing director) Shin Won Ho of the popular “Reply” series. The drama is a black comedy that tells the story of Kim Jae Hyuk (Park Hae Soo), whose life changes overnight from a superstar baseball player to a prison inmate, and explores the life inside of this prison. Kim Jae Hyuk has a nervous look on his face that says, “How much longer do I have to be here?” Viewers can anticipate learning about how he got into prison and how he will survive life behind bars as an inmate. 

Jung Kyung Ho will play the role of an elite prison guard named Lee Joon Ho. To Lee Joon Ho, Kim Jae Hyuk is a special inmate for reasons not yet known. He knows everything there is to know about Kim Jae Hyuk and gets extremely excited whenever his name is mentioned. The secret between Kim Jae Hyuk and Lee Joon Ho will be revealed throughout the drama.

Krystal Jung will play the character Ji Ho, who is a passionate, young college student majoring in Oriental medicine. She has a bright personality as well as a temper. In the poster, she showed off her new short hairstyle and vibrant energy.

Actress Im Hwa Young will play the role of Jae Hee, the younger sister of Kim Jae Hyuk.

Besides the aforementioned characters, Kim Jae Hyuk meets many new people inside of the prison. Lee Kyu Hyung will play the role of a second generation chaebol who gets booked for his drug habit.

Some familiar faces include Choi Sung Won from “Reply 1988,” who will show a new side to him in this drama as Jeom Bak (person with a birthmark), Jung Hae In from “While You Were Sleeping,” who will appear as the character Yoo Dae Wi, and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon, who will play the role of a thief who goes in and out of prison like his own home and steals whenever and wherever.

This drama also boasts some veteran actors. Sung Dong Il will play the role of a veteran prison guard named Jo Joo Il who efficiently takes care of all incidents inside of the prison. Jung Woong In also appears as a prison guard with a hot temper called Chief Pang, and Choi Moo Sung will appear as the tough and charismatic Jang Ki Soo.

Other characters in prison will be played by Kim Sung Chul, Lee Ho Chul, Jung Jae Sung, Ahn Chang Hwan, Lee Hoon Jin, Park Ho San, Jung Min Sung, Joo Suk Tae, Ahn Sang Woo, Park Hyuk Soo, Kim Han Jong, Kang Ki Dong, and Choi Yun Dong.


tvN’s “Prison Playbook” will premiere on Wednesday, November 22 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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