GFRIEND Is Crowned “Best Korean Act” Of 2017 At MTV EMAs

The 2017 MTV European Music Awards were held on November 13 in London, U.K. to celebrate and honor this year’s greatest music achievements and performers.

GFRIEND was crowned “Best Korean Act” of 2017, rising above some stiff competition to win the award. They are the first female group to win since the award’s conception in 2013, and this is their first win after being nominated for two consecutive years. They now join previous winners EXO, BTS, and B.A.P in the list of Korean singers who have come home with the title.

The girl group has had a busy year with multiple comebacks, promoting their title tracks “Fingertip,” “Love Whisper,” and “Summer Rain.”

Congratulations to GFRIEND and all of their fans!

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