Lee Min Ki Makes Kimchi With Jung So Min’s Family In New Stills For “Because This Is My First Life”

New stills show that Lee Min Ki is set to undergo an interesting transformation for the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life”!

The next episode, which will air on November 13, will follow Nam Sae Hee (Lee Min Ki) as he visits Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min)’s hometown.


Last week’s episode had Ji Ho had helped Sae Hee’s family prepare for a memorial service for the family’s ancestors, and she became upset when Sae Hee had responded to her hard work and show of affection with money. Ji Ho told Sae Hee that he would have to work just as much as she had for them to be even, leading to Sae Hee traveling to Ji Ho’s hometown to help prepare kimchi for the winter.

The new stills show Nam Sae Hee first accepting a glass of makgeolli (rice wine) from an elder before changing into a more suitable outfit and going straight into the kimchi-making process. Seeing the usually sophisticated and dressed-up Sae Hee in a garishly-patterned pair of pants is enough to make viewers laugh. And it will be interesting to see how he gets along with Ji Ho’s family.

The upcoming episode of “Because This Is My First Life” will air on November 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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