Wanna One Admits To Feeling Pressured By Expectations For New Album

In their Mnet comeback special, the members of Wanna One opened up about the pressure they feel to live up to people’s expectations.

After the enormous success of their first album “1×1=1 (To Be One),” Wanna One officially became the first K-pop group in the 21st century to sell over a million copies of their debut album. In one scene, the members talked about how it felt to face their first comeback with such a huge accomplishment under their belt.

“Don’t you all have that feeling?” leader Yoon Ji Sung asked his bandmates. “When people keep asking, ‘Don’t you feel pressured about your second album?'” He went on, “I don’t feel as if we have to do better than our previous album, it’s more like, ‘I want this album to do well too.’ So I don’t feel that burdened.”

Park Ji Hoon, however, admitted that he did feel some pressure. He shared, “Because so many people take interest in us and like us, I do have the strong feeling that we have to do well.”

Kang Daniel agreed, “I feel the same way. It’s a compulsion that I created for myself, that ‘I have to do better in tomorrow’s performance.’ So because it’s our second album and our second effort, I feel burdened.”

The group grew serious as they contemplated their upcoming release, but Park Woo Jin quickly enlivened the atmosphere by pointing out, “Rather than seeing us feel worried and pressured, our fans would prefer to see us looking confident.”

Ha Sung Woon also expressed that he was excited to perform their new song, saying, “Our debut song was full of energy, but our song this time is more suited for autumn, so I think people will really like it.”

Wanna One released their repackaged album “1-1=0 (Nothing Without You),” featuring the title track “Beautiful,” on November 13.

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