Boy Group VX Announces Disbandment

As of November 13, boy group VX has officially disbanded.

Through VX’s official fan club, JJ Entertainment wrote, “Hello. This is JJ Entertainment. VX debuted in 2015 with ‘Fantasy’ and on November 13, 2017, they have officially disbanded. We would like to bow our heads and express our gratitude to the five members [Jinhwa, Siyoon, Jeki, La-e, and JT) who have been with us for about three years and ‘Sunshine’ [their fandom] who liked their music.”

“Although the members are no longer in VX, please cheer them on as they go their separate ways and prepare new challenges. We will never forget the fans’ support and do our best to show improvement. There will be a period of bequest for VX’s official fan site and social media account for one week starting from today, November 13. After that, they will not be open to the public, so we hope you understand. Thank you.”

Member La-e uploaded the official statement on his Instagram as well as a message to the fans. He wrote, “[This is] VX’s official statement. We have been disbanded as of today. We am sorry for the abrupt announcement. We will be working separately now. I am currently preparing for my solo activities. It is a bit sad, but I hope you’ll give me a lot of interest and love! Once again, I would like to thank and apologize everyone who loved VX. I am preparing for my solo activities, so please wait for me!”