Watch: MONSTA X Is Forced To Perform “Dramarama” With No Music In Middle Of Jam-Packed Zumba Class

MONSTA X recently experienced a hilarious, awkward moment on a segment of”OMG LIVE” on 1theK’s YouTube channel.

The members had no idea what they were in for as they went down a flight of stairs towards a loud room. As soon as they saw the crowded, energetic Zumba class, they became shocked and flustered.

Shownu asked in disbelief, “Do we do this without music?” When one of the production crew members answered, “[You’ll do it with] an in-ear,” the members couldn’t hide their incredulity as their jaws dropped and eyes widened. Kihyun said, “You know we’ll look really funny to other people when we dance with them on, right?”

Despite their shock, the members got into formation and performed their newest song “Dramarama” among the students of the Zumba class, who were busy doing their own thing. When the song finished, MONSTA X joined the students in a silly dance.

Catch the hilarious performance below!

On another note, although member Wonho is missing from the clip, he has recovered from a severe flu, and Starship Entertainment has confirmed he will be promoting on music shows with the rest of the members.