12 Things We’re Thankful For That Exist In K-Dramas And K-Pop

Me looking at everyone I am thankful for this season

As the holidays approach, it’s nice to step back and think about all the things we are thankful for, like our family, friends, as well as K-pop and K-dramas, of course! Here are 10 things we are thankful to have that exist and thrive in K-dramaland and in K-pop:


Yep, definitely thankful for this one.

And on a similar note:

Shower scenes

Showers are best for brooding, of course!

Dance breaks

I always get goosebumps!


Release the foreheads!

English subtitles


Thank you subbers for allowing international fans to experience all the snarks and wits of K-dramas, as well as the detailed meanings in K-pop lyrics!


Not going to lie, rather than the main couple, sometimes the bromance steals the show!


And its many different forms over the years.

Cringy, but in a good way?

Confession scenes

Check out this article for more: 12 Most Memorable K-Drama Confession Scenes

And its best friend:

Romantic kiss scenes



*cries over their flawless skin*

Fan cams

*cries from the other side of the world*

Bomb OSTs

For any occasion, whether it be for dramatic slo-mos as you walk past that cute guy:

for that power walk to school:

for that romantic gust of wind that ruffles your hair as you see your crush:

or for that extra AF entrance to school after you’ve been gone for a while:

Whatever it may be, K-drama OSTs have got you covered!

Hey Soompiers! What are you thankful for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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