Suzy Reflects On How Playing A Reporter On “While You Were Sleeping” Was Different From Her Expectations

In a recent pictorial and interview with High Cut magazine, Suzy opened up about her “While You Were Sleeping” character’s career as a reporter and how she prepared for the role.

Suzy commented how she “felt good” that people said that her realistic reporting in the drama was “a complete surprise.” She revealed how an actual reporter taught her, saying, “When I was first just practicing on my own, I thought that I was doing pretty well. However, I realized that [reporting] was completely different than what I had thought after I received help from an actual reporter.”

The star explained that reporters emphasize extremely accurate pronunciation and actually speak in a more monotonous tone, rather than try to speak in a pretty manner. “Because I have done a lot of emceeing or narration, my tone has a severe tendency to change a lot,” Suzy shared. “I also focused on practicing words that appear a lot [in the drama] like ‘arrest’ and ‘prosecution.'” In addition to her speech, Suzy also had to train herself not to move around a lot, as news reporters have to remain more stoic compared to MCs.

Suzy revealed why she agreed to sing for the “While You Were Sleeping” OST as well. “I felt pressured to completely separate [acting and singing] in the past. When I was acting, I would only focus on acting, and when I was promoting as a singer, I tried to make people forget that I also acted. However, I realized that didn’t make sense. What can I do about the fact that I’m doing both?” she expressed. “I felt more free after I acknowledged that fact to myself.”

The singer and actress explained that she intends to continue to pursue both careers, and that if singing for a drama she’s acting in helps the production, she will choose to sing again for another OST in the future.

The rest of Suzy’s photo shoot and interview can be found in the upcoming issue of High Cut.

Check out her impressive acting as reporter Nam Hong Joo in “While You Were Sleeping,” beginning with the first episode!

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