YMC Entertainment Reveals Details On Wanna One’s First Payments

YMC Entertainment has clarified Wanna One’s first payments.

On November 14, industry representatives reported that each member received about 150 million won (approximately $134,200) as their first payments. These payments are split between the members and each of their respective agencies based on their contracts. Their contract details are unknown, but for example, if a member has a 5:5 contract with his agency, he and his agency would each take 75 million won (approximately $67,100).

Considering the amount of activities they have completed, especially the number of advertisements, many expressed confusion as much larger numbers were expected.

In response, a source from YMC Entertainment explained, “The 150 million won that each of the Wanna One members received as the first payment are from the earnings of advertisements they shot at the beginning after their debut. After those advertisements, they completed many other schedules including fan meetings, performances, and advertisements, but those earnings have not come in yet.” There is still additional income that the members have yet to receive.

The source also added, “There can be differences [in payments] for each member. We cannot officially say who will receive more.”

Meanwhile, Wanna One returned with a repackaged album on November 13 and has been topping real-time charts with their title track “Beautiful.”

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