Jung Eun Ji Is All Smiles Behind The Scenes Of “Untouchable”

Jung Eun Ji is full of energy behind the scenes at the set of “Untouchable.”

JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Untouchable” released stills of Jung Eun Ji being an energetic vitamin on set. From linking arms to her cute smile, Eun Ji is lovely as she radiates positivity.

In one photo, Eun Ji smiles brightly as she links arms with actor Kim Sung Kyoon. Eun Ji’s aegyo has got Kim Sung Kyoon’s murderer smile to disappear. Additional photos show Eun Ji hiding her face as she gives a big thumbs up, and then smiling widely. It was revealed that Eun Ji brought smiles to all the staff on set with her positive energy and cute facial expressions.

Just by looking at Kim Sung Kyoon and Eun Ji, you can see the friendly relationship between the two. The two co-stars make eye contact at the camera as they both pose with Vs, drawing smiles at their affectionate sibling-like relationship. Kim Sung Kyoon who shows villainous acting as Jang Ki Seo, the eldest son tainted by the darkness of his father, shows unexpected charms as he smiles at Eun Ji’s cuteness.

The producers from “Untouchable” shared, “Jung Eun Ji is encouraging and energizing all the staff with her feel good energy,” adding “viewers can look forward to the cunning persona and various charms Eun Ji will show as prosecutor and girl crush Seo Yi Ra.”

Meanwhile, “Untouchable” is an action drama that tells the story of second son, Jang Jun Seo who loses his wife, who was his everything, and confronts the dirty power of his family, first son Jang Ki Seo who turns evil in order to live, and the misaligned choices between the two brothers. The drama is receiving a lot of attention for the combination of director Cho Nam Kook’s bold producing abilities, which have been widely recognized, and writer Choi Jin Won’s high writing abilities. It will air its first episode on November 24 at 11 p.m. KST, following “The Package.”

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