Jung Hye Sung Reveals Her Affection For Her Character In New Drama With Yoon Kyun Sang

Actress Jung Hye Sung shared her determination to work hard for SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh, the Mysterious” (also known as “Doubtful Victory”), also starring Yoon Kyun Sang.

Jung Hye Sung will be taking on the challenge of playing Jin Jin Young, a small but mighty detective. Jin Jin Young is the only female detective in her regional investigation unit. Although she is a capable individual who doesn’t lose in any aspect due to her fiery determination, Jin Young ignores teamwork and always does things her way, which has caused her to become the number one person to avoid among her teammates. Jung Hye Sung is set to show a new transformation in “Oh, the Mysterious,” and naturally has a lot of expectations regarding the production. The actress recently gave an interview where she talked about how she was preparing for her drama, and things to look out for.

Jung Hye Sung has shown exemplary growth as an actress. First garnering attention in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” she went on to show solid acting in “Remember,” “Chief Kim,” and more. Amidst all this, “Oh, the Mysterious” will become a new turning point for Jung Hye Sung. The actress shared, “I’ve put forth my best effort in every production, but I feel more responsibility this time as a lead role. We already have the best team, so I just need to make sure to do well.”

Jung Hye Sung is doing her best to break out of her pre-existing image and transform as the small, but mighty detective Jin Jin Young. The actress commented, “Jin Jin Young is a ‘my way’ type of character. Based on her outward appearance, you would think, ‘Why is someone like her, who doesn’t seem like a detective, in the investigation unit?’ but you will fall for Jin Young as you continue to watch her,” demonstrating her affection for the character. She also added, “Jin Jin Young is the brain of her investigation unit, but is also responsible for all practical work. [She] is a much needed figure in her unit.”

The previously released drama teaser shows Jung Hye Sung suspecting the identity of death row convict turned fake detective Yoon Kyun Sang, and many are looking forward to how the relationship between the two will develop. Jung Hye Sung touched on her chemistry with her co-star, remarking, “Before each filming, [Yoon Kyun Sang] and I always prepare together by thinking about how we can best portray our roles.” She also revealed, “You will be able to see the great chemistry between Oh Il Seung and Jin Jin Young. It will be more fun if you pay close attention to all the unintentional encounters between Oh Il Seung and Jin Jin Young and the events that unfold.”

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh, the Mysterious” is an action drama about fake detective Oh Il Seung (Yoon Kyun Sang) and his boldness towards life. It tells the story of one man who goes from ‘falsely accused criminal’ to ‘somehow escaped prisoner’ to ‘fake detective Oh Il Seung,’ taking a stand against long-withstanding evils. It will air its first episode on November 27 at 10 p.m. KST, following “Degree of Love.”

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