Watch: JYP And YG Trainees Perform Rival Agency’s Songs In “Stray Kids” Battle Preview

The upcoming battle between JYP and YG trainees heats up in a new preview of “Stray Kids”!

On the next episode of Mnet’s survival show “Stray Kids,” the JYP trainees will be visiting YG Entertainment to square off with the rival company’s trainees. The two agencies are known to have a friendly tradition of pitting their trainees against each other, starting with Rain and SE7EN, with 2PM and BIGBANG continuing the tradition. The most recent battle was featured on Mnet’s “WIN: Who Is Next?” in 2013, when YG’s WINNER and iKON faced off against members of JYP’s GOT7 and DAY6.

In the new clip from “Stray Kids,” the JYP trainees declare, “We’ll win this time as well,” while Yang Hyun Suk jokingly threatens his trainees, “Do a good job. If you don’t do well, you’re all dead.”

Notably, the video shows the YG trainees singing a JYP song, the Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely,” while the JYP trainees perform a YG song, BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last.” Yang Hyun Suk remarks playfully, “I heard that there’s a chance some of the members might be eliminated. I hope this performance doesn’t end up ‘being the last’ like the title of this song.”

“K-Pop Star 2” contestant Bang Ye Dam, who is now a YG trainee, also makes an appearance. Park Jin Young, who worked with him during “K-Pop Star 2,” praises his performance and jokes, “Take it easy today.”

“Stray Kids,” which recently eliminated its first member, will air the highly-anticipated battle next week on November 21 at 11 p.m. KST. Watch the preview below!