“I Am Not A Robot” PD Talks About Chae Soo Bin’s Robot Acting And Uhm Ki Joon’s Talent

The producing director (PD) of the upcoming MBC drama “I Am Not a Robot” recently talked about some of his actors’ talent and growth.

“I Am Not a Robot” is about a man who cannot date due to a “human allergy” (Yoo Seung Ho) and a woman who is pretending to act as a robot (Chae Soo Bin).

Chae Soo Bin plays two roles as the aspiring inventor Jo Ji Ah and the Einstein-level intelligent robot Ah Ji 3. Although this is her first time taking on two roles at once, let alone playing a robot, she perfectly captured the stiff expression and posture of an android in the latest stills from the drama.

PD Jung Dae Yoon said, “Chae Soo Bin has matured greatly in a short time. She has a wide range of feelings she can express and so my impression of her was good. Her doll-like looks fit her for the role of both Ji Ah and Ah Ji 3 as well.”

The production staff also stated, “Chae Soo Bin is an actor who has a lot of love for her character. From Ah Ji 3’s voice to her pronunciation, even her walk and blink, she practiced these details every chance she got. When she plays Jo Ji Ah, the robotic nature completely disappears and she is once more a cheerful, bright girl. There is great synergy between the two characters because of her.”

The PD also had lots of good things to say about supporting actor Uhm Ki Joon, who plays a genius robot engineering professor. “He’s an actor who has a variety of charms and can do anything from melodramas to comedies. His role as Hong Baek Gyun, who holds the balance of the the story, was a perfect fit for him. With a single facial expression or word he can make the cast and crew bend over laughing.”

Slated to air later this year, “I Am Not a Robot” will be MBC’s final Wednesday-Thursday drama of 2017.

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