5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Watching “Master Key”

In case you haven’t heard, “Master Key” is a hot new variety show that features many of today’s most prominent K-celebrities. The rules are as follows: there are twelve players in all, with six on each team. Each player receives a key, but only two players are the owners of the master keys. Throughout the show, the teams compete in games that allow the victor to receive a hint about the owners of the master keys. It’s the ordinary players’ job to discover who holds the master keys by the end of the episode!

Sounds fun, right? If you’re not sold on this show yet, I’m about to present some irrefutable evidence that will change your mind!

(Warning: some spoiler-esque material is included! However, knowing certain things in advance in no way hinders the fun of watching the show.)

1. The downright hilarious antics


The games that the contestants play in each episode are all uniquely funny, and sometimes have undesirable consequences. One game involved picking one of two race tracks, either a path with hurdles or with acupuncture needle pads! The unfortunate souls who picked the latter couldn’t stop their screams of pain as they ran, much to the audience’s amusement.

2. The psychological games that the contestants play with each other

Needless to say, there’s a lot of lying that goes on in this show. You can’t trust anyone if you want to win the game.

3. How unpredictable the result is

If the other contestants are fooled by certain lies, of course the audience will be too! In episode four, most of the cast was convinced that Chanyeol of EXO held the angel’s master key, which turned out to be untrue. He was just a normal contestant with enough greed to win.

4. The interactions between the celebrities we all know and love are priceless

There are so many golden interactions that I struggled to choose just one to feature. However, this moment of Wendy and Henry yelling at one another in English was too funny resist.

5. Honorable mentions

Enjoy a brief list of hilarious and memorable moments from the show. If these don’t convince you to watch, then nothing will.


(Referencing the devil’s master key. Chanyeol is trying to convince Daniel that he has the angel’s key.)

Don’t forget to check out “Master Key” if you haven’t already!

Watch the latest episode below:

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