During one segment of the November 15 episode of “Weekly Idol,” Super Junior shared a disagreement that happened once between members Donghae and Eunhyuk due to personality clashes.

Leeteuk said, “One time, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and I were on our way to the office after our schedule was over. I was sitting in the front, and they were in the back. They were talking about various things when Donghae suddenly asked to be let out of the car while tearing up. [The car stopped] and he got out saying that he was going to walk.”

Eventually, the Super Junior leader found out that Donghae and Eunhyuk had gotten into a disagreement because Donghae wanted to talk to Eunhyuk about anything and everything while Eunhyuk wanted to keep to himself at the time. When the hosts asked Eunhyuk why, he replied, “[Donghae’s] personality is the type to completely open up to people and share all his secrets. As for me, I’m not the type to talk about such things. I open up only to a certain point.”

At that, Donghae hilariously exploded, “You horrible jerk!” He continued on to explain that people aren’t like that in Mokpo, his hometown. He added, “That’s why I experienced so much heartbreak from Seoul people.”

Leeteuk also mentioned Eunhyuk’s reaction back then. Instead of being worried about his upset friend, Eunhyuk had simply said, “He’ll come back fine.”

Super Junior also attempted to dance to “Sorry Sorry” and “Black Suit” at twice the speed and also covered girl group dances.

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