After School’s Nana Shares Honest Thoughts On Dating And Love

In a recent interview, After School’s Nana opened up about the importance of love. When asked about her dating life, she said brightly, “I set aside some time and try my best [to date].”

She laughed and further explained, “Don’t take this too seriously. Isn’t love important? Love is so important and I want to date a lot, but it’s difficult to meet people and find your soulmate.” She also stated, “I don’t have [a soulmate] now but if I find one, then I won’t let him go and will love him.”

Meanwhile, Nana will be making her film debut with “The Swindlers,” which is a crime comedy about a bunch of swindlers teaming up to catch even more notorious swindlers. “The Swindlers” will premiere on November 22.

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