Harisu To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Following Controversy

On November 15, Harisu took to her Instagram to announce that she would be taking legal action against malicious commenters.

She previously responded to Han Seo Hee’s comments on transgender women, and incited backlash for her comments on hysterectomies, which she apologized for afterwards.

In her latest post a few days after this controversy, Harisu criticized malicious commenters for hiding behind their accounts. She also stated that she will be taking legal action against them.

Her full post reads:

“Let me just say one thing!! If you are so sure about your opinions that you would come to my Instagram and fight about it, then you should at least use an account that uses a picture of your face!! Please refrain from using profanity!! You all look idiotic!! Do you understand that??

If you are that determined with your opinions but can’t reveal yourselves, then why are you starting such an argument?? How useless!! You should be able to take responsibility for the things you say; that’s what advocating for human rights entails! I’ve only deleted and blocked things so far, but I will now take legal action.

Don’t you know that the things you are saying are actually discriminatory towards feminists? The things you are arguing are communist ideas! Our country is a democracy!! Don’t you know that every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law??”

Harisu has since made her account private.

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