Watch: The “While You Were Sleeping” Finale Teaser Will Make You Super Nervous

SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping” has revealed the preview for the drama’s finale, set to air tonight (November 16) at 10 p.m. KST.

As the drama comes to a close, Jung Jae Chan’s (Lee Jong Suk) case against Lee Yoo Beom (Lee Sang Yeob) will see it’s conclusion, with a lot riding on a crucial testimony from Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In).

Lee Yoo Beom continues to feel the pressure, even from Choi Dam Dong (Kim Won Hae), who tells Yoo Beom that enough is enough.

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Choi Dam Dong says ominously, “I thought I had more time, but this is it.”

Jae Chan narrates the end of the teaser: “Tell me that everything will pass. That even if something feels like a big deal right now, when time passes, it’ll be nothing. That I don’t need to worry. Keep your guilt short, but don’t forget me for a long, long time.”

Watch the trailer below:

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