9 K-Pop Idols That Bear A Striking Resemblance To Overwatch Characters

The popular video game Overwatch caught Korean professional gamers’ attention since its release back in 2016, which led to South Korea winning the Overwatch world cup two years in a row. In addition, many idols have been known to play it, and some of them even admitted to being hardcore gamers.

With the game rapidly going viral, we couldn’t help but to catch the physical similarities between the playable characters and idols in the industry.

Here are nine K-pop idols that we could’ve sworn were Overwatch characters’ doppelgängers!

1. Zion.T – Junkrat

The picture above says it all. The only difference is that while Zion.T is an R&B master; Junkrat, on the other hand, is more of a mayhem expert.

2. CL – Pharah

It seems that each one of these two ladies is badass in her own way: Chaelin thrives as a memorable icon in the music industry, whereas Pharah fights for the greater good and protects the innocent.

3. Sandara Park – Sombra

Aside from rocking the same shaved hairstyle, Sandara and Sombra are both naturally talented. If Dara is gifted as a singer and an actress, Sombra has impressive hacking skills.

4. Park Bom – D.Va

D.va is a Korean character that originated from Busan, and it goes without saying that her and Bom are basically like two drops of water.

5. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong – Hanzo

If we ignore the facial hair detail, these two men have one more thing in common: they each stand for pride. Jaejoong finally made his return after successfully completing his military enlistment, and Hanzo is a skillful warrior who’s on an ongoing journey to redeem his honor.

6. Jessi – Mercy

Lord have mercy, we have two guardian angels in the house: Jessi heals us with her amazing music, whilst Angela is an actual doctor who helps those in need.

7. IU – Mei

Mei particularly reminds us of IU’s shy character in “Dream High.” In real life, IU tops the charts with her soulful songs. In contrast, the Overwatch character is a star in the science field who rose from hibernation to save the world.

8. f(x)’s Amber – Tracer

The similarity between the two young women is undeniable. Also, they both give off a fierce and powerful vibe.

9. HA:TFELT – Widowmaker

This pair is the true incarnation of hot and cold. Yeeun’s killer stage name literally means “Hot and heartfelt”; as for Widowmaker, her most notable attribute is being a cold-hearted assassin.

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.