Jin Goo And Kyung Soo Jin Are Two Lovebirds In The Emergency Room In Sweet “Untouchable” Stills

“Untouchable” has released stills of actors Jin Goo and Kyung Soo Jin, who portray a couple in the drama, sharing a sweet moment in the emergency room.

On November 16, JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Untouchable” released stills of Jin Goo, who plays the role of Jang Joon Seo, and Kyung Soo Jin, who will be making a special appearance as Joon Seo’s wife, Yoon Jung Hae. Yoon Jung Hae is a surgeon, who suddenly leaves Joon Seo’s side one morning.

In the released stills, Jin Goo and Kyung Soo Jin can be seen enjoying a date in the emergency room. Jin Goo’s body is covered in blood as he sits in front of his surgeon wife. Kyung Soo Jin holds Jin Goo’s face with a look of worry in one photo, while Jin Goo gives Kyung Soo Jin a playful smile to ease her concern in another photo. The last photo shows Kyung Soo Jin smiling widely and waving as she sends Jin Goo off.

In the drama, Joon Seo faces the sudden death of his wife, making the moment captured in the stills bittersweet. There is a lot of interest over the hidden secrets surrounding the mysterious death of Joon Seo’s wife, and many are curious to see how Joon Seo will act following her death, raising much anticipation for “Untouchable.”

The producers of “Untouchable” shared, “Jin Goo and Kyung Soo Jin are lovebirds who also have a deep mystery between them,” adding “This marks the beginning of the tragedy that will unfold between the couple. Please look forward to it.”

“Untouchable” is an action thriller that follows the story of two brothers as their paths diverge. Jang Joon Seo, the younger brother, confronts his family’s greed and power following the death of his wife, while Jang Ki Seo, the older brother, becomes evil in order to live. It is drawing interest as the collaboration between director Cho Nam Kook and writer Choi Jin Won. “Untouchable” will air its first episode on Friday November 24 at 11 p.m. KST following the end of “The Package.”

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