AOA’s Mina Hints At A Hopeful Comeback And Keeping In Touch With Choa

On November 16, AOA member Mina participated in an interview at FNC WOW, where she answered questions about the group’s future plans and their former member Choa.

Mina revealed, “I don’t know the exact date, but I think we are going to promote an album as six members the beginning of next year, around February or March.”

She continued, “There is pressure. I don’t know what the reaction will be like, but since we have been on break from releasing music, the members and I want to do it. I think if we try our best, we may get good results.”

Mina was also asked about their former member Choa, who announced her departure from the group on June 22. “We contact each other from time to time. Because [I want to respect] Choa’s wishes, the situation, and don’t want to burden her, we exchange pleasantries instead of talking about this and that.”

Mina recently appeared on the MBC drama “Hospital Ship” as a nurse. Stay tuned for more information on AOA’s comeback!

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