T-ara’s Eunjung Talks About Possible Romance Across Nationalities

On November 16, T-ara member Eunjung attended the press conference for her upcoming film “Missing 2.”

During the press conference, the singer-actress was asked about her popularity in China, if she has been asked out about a male celebrity like Yu Xiaoguang, and if she would accept the proposal.

To the last question, Eunjung answered, “If he’s charming.” She continued, “When I am working in China, I see many attractive people, and I find Yu Xiaoguang charming. Regardless of nationality, if someone appeals to me, then I would accept the proposal. I think it’s possible if you understand each other.”

In “Missing 2,” Eunjung plays the role of a woman who takes out a private loan to support her sister who has general paralysis. In desperation, she interviews at a company located in the mountains, becomes the witness to a murder, and the target of a chase. The film will premiere in theaters on November 20.

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