Hyeri Suffers After A Brawl In New “Two Cops” Stills

New stills of Hyeri in MBC’s “Two Cops” have been released!

Hyeri, who is portraying a tough reporter Son Ji Ahn, is seen showcasing some intense street action.

Song Ji Ahn is constantly chasing after exclusives, and is often faced with dangerous situations since she has to be physically present at scenes of crimes and accidents. She is on the floor after being tackled down by a mystery woman. Many are sympathetic for to Ji Ahn’s suffering and are also curious as to why she is seen like this in broad daylight.

Additionally, Ji Ahn is seen with ruffled hair, evidently after an intense fight. Hyeri apparently showed great consideration for the actress she worked with in the scene, by telling her it’s okay not to go easy on her during filming.

Check out “Two Cops,” also starring Jo Jung Suk, on November 27 at 10 p.m. KST after the conclusion of “20th Century Boy and Girl“!

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