BTS’s J-Hope Talks About Experiences Recording For U.S. Talk Shows

On November 17, BTS’s J-Hope took time to chat with fans and share about his experiences recording for various talk shows in the U.S.

J-Hope said, “As soon as we arrived in the United States we had a cool schedule. It was a very shocking experience.”

He continued, “We got to go on programs that I usually watch on YouTube. We also recorded for U.S. talk shows. We met James Corden and recorded for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show.’ It was a really new experience. I was so shocked.”

J-Hope added, “I think it will feel real once we return to Korea and monitor the broadcasts. Even now it’s shocking and doesn’t feel real but I think I’ll feel more shocked once we return to Korea and watch.”

He also answered fans’ questions about plans for a new mixtape and said, “I am preparing for the mixtape well. I think I need to organize the track well.” J-Hope talked about BTS’s love for Korean food, the group’s upcoming concert in Seoul, and more.

Meanwhile, BTS has a busy schedule ahead of them with various radio show appearances, interviews, and more. Most notably, the group will be performing at the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs).

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