Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung Explains Why He Has A Fear Of Driving

Wanna One leader Yoon Ji Sung went to take on the challenge of a driver’s license test in the latest episode of “Wanna One Go: Zero Base.”

In the November 17 episode, Yoon Ji Sung went to take his driving test during the group’s free time. “A lot of people ask me why I still don’t have a driver’s license, but I really haven’t had the time,” said Yoon Ji Sung.

On the way to do his test, Yoon Ji Sung admitted, “I’m afraid of driving.”

The show then shared a clip of him back in the Zero Base, where he explained, “When I was young, I was in a car accident and had to be admitted to the hospital. I was young but I still remember that, so I’ve had a fear of cars.”

Back in the car, Yoon Ji Sung said he thought his mom would be surprised if he told her he was on his way to get his driver’s license because she’d never have imagined it. He then called her to get some words of encouragement, before calling his younger sister.

Yoon Ji Sung and his sister had previously shown their hilarious banter when he called her during “Produce 101 Season 2,” and they were just as funny in “Wanna One Go.” He asked her “Where do you think I’m going?” and she joked, “Is that something I’m supposed to be curious about?”

He laughed and told her he was on his way to get his driver’s license, and she replied coolly, “Work hard.” When he asked her for some words of encouragement, she suddenly realized what was going on. “Is this a segment?” she asked cutely. “It’s a segment for ‘Wanna One Go’?”

Yoon Ji Sung laughed over how quickly her tone had changed, and asked her, “How did you know?”

“You should have said!” she replied, and then said she was supporting him. “Press on the gas and brake pedals well.”

“You don’t even have a license!” pointed out Yoon Ji Sung, cracking them both up.

“Anyway, stay safe and good luck!” she replied. “Oh, and say hi to Woo Jin for me. I haven’t heard from him.” Yoon Ji Sung laughed again and said, “Why would I say hi to Woo Jin for you?!” before quickly hanging up.

Watch more of Wanna One in the latest episode of “Wanna One Go: Zero Base”!

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