“Two Cops” Shares Heartwarming Stills Of Jo Jung Suk With A Young Child

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Two Cops” released heartwarming stills of detective Cha Dong Tak, played by actor Jo Jung Suk, interacting with a child off duty ahead of its first broadcast on November 27.

Cha Dong Tak is a violent crimes detective with visuals that would make anyone look back, but is also a workaholic who isn’t interested in his own appearance, and cares solely about catching bad guys.

However, the released photos show a different side of Dong Tak, who is usually busy catching criminals. Dong Tak can be seen kneeling to meet the eyes of a young boy. Dong Tak looks at the child with an affectionate gaze, which is markedly different from how he usually treats others.

The stills are garnering much attention for capturing the sweet side of Dong Tak, who shows fierce charisma when capturing criminals. Many are curious about the identity of the child Dong Tak gazes affectionately at, and are eagerly awaiting for the drama to air to find out.

It was revealed Jo Jung Suk approached the child actor first during filming for the scene, and put forth his best effort with jokes and other mischievous acts to make the child actor feel more comfortable. The child actor warmed up to Jo Jung Suk immediately and the two were able to show great chemistry during filming.

Jo Jung Suk was also applauded as a dependable lead actor that leads the atmosphere on set, and earned praise from the drama’s crew as having a “good looking personality.” The crew shared that in addition to his outstanding acting skills, Jo Jung Suk shows considerable concern for his co-stars and staff, raising expectations for “Two Cops.”

Meanwhile, “Two Cops” is highly anticipated as Jo Jung Suk’s first attempt at playing dual roles, and is a fantasy investigation drama that follows the story of violent crimes detective Cha Dong Tak and feisty local reporter Song Ji An. It will air its first episode on Monday November 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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