Hong Jong Hyun Shares Thoughts About Enlisting In The Army

In a recent interview following the end of MBC’s “The King Loves,” Hong Jong Hyun talked about the cast’s visit to Im Siwan who enlisted in the military last July. “It wasn’t that far from Seoul, so we set out early and went to see him,” he said. “We arrived at 10 a.m. and stayed with him until he returned to his unit in the afternoon. Im Siwan welcomed us warmly.”

Hong Jong Hyun went on, “He sometimes looked awkward with himself because of his changed looks, but I thought it suited him. I think he became a bit more manly.” The visit ended after the cast ate barbecue and spent some time catching up.

As a man in his late 20s, serving time in the military is not just somebody else’s story for Hong Jong Hyun. “I’m thinking [about enlisting] two and a half years later. I’m relaxed about it. I’m getting ready to leave without regrets at any time,” he revealed. “That’s about the time when Im Siwan gets discharged. I wonder if he’ll come visit me.”

When asked about the gap the army will make in his career, Hong Jong Hyun replied that serving time in the army is important to him. He continued, “A person could become worse or better in the army, it’s up to me. I try to think of it as not necessarily a bad thing. It’s more comforting when you think of it as natural, not unavoidable.” Hong Jong Hyun added that although he sometimes wishes that he enlisted earlier, he tries not to regret anything because he tried his best in the meantime.

“The King Loves” featuring Hong Jong Hyun and Im Siwan ended its run on September 19. Watch the first episode below!

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