Watch: SEVENTEEN Reveals How Choreography For “Clap” Connects To “Don’t Wanna Cry”

SEVENTEEN recently talked about the process of coming up with the choreography for “Clap” and how it ties together with “Don’t Wanna Cry,” as well as the alternative dance moves they considered.

In Part 2 of the group’s “Ask in a Box” special, the SEVENTEEN members shared that they intentionally used the ending pose of “Don’t Wanna Cry” as the opening pose for their new song “Without You.” Additionally, the ending pose of “Without You” is the same as the opening pose of their title track “Clap,” allowing the three songs to flow seamlessly into one another, as if each song is a continuation of the next.

Hoshi also revealed that they had a hard time figuring out the choreography for the clapping portion of “Clap.” Dino and Mingyu chimed in with some of the options that SEVENTEEN considered for that part of the song, before the group ultimately decided to go with the simplest dance move: clapping to the beat. Seungkwan explained that they want their fans to clap along, which is why they chose the easiest move.

Watch the full clip below!