TWICE Points Out 6 Things You May Have Missed In “Likey” MV

TWICE has shared some fun behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of their “Likey” music video!

In a new clip of the group reacting to their own music video, the TWICE members talked about filming the video for “Likey” and pointed out a few things that may have escaped fans’ notice.

Jihyo The Director

From the very beginning of the music video, Jihyo carries a video camera and films the other members dancing. As it turns out, Jihyo really did film the other members, and some of the footage that she shot was actually used in the video!

For example, the scene below was shot by Jihyo, which is why she’s missing.

Jihyo revealed that Jeongyeon is also absent because she was filming her individual scenes at the time.

Jeongyeon’s Dream Comes True

Another cute Easter egg that fans might not have noticed—the outfit that Jeongyeon admires throughout the video makes an appearance again at the very end, when she wears it in the final dance scene!

The TWICE members joked that after working hard and saving up at her part-time job in the video, Jeongyeon was finally able to buy the outfit that she’d had her eye on.

That Train Is Not CGI

The train that passes by both Jihyo and Nayeon in the music video is not computer-generated, but is actually a real train that the girls had to wait for while filming. Furthermore, the filming crew had no idea what the train’s schedule was, so Jihyo had to stand in place and hope that she didn’t run out of sparklers before the train came by!

Momo Choreographed That Dance Break Herself

That dance break in “Likey” that fans can’t get enough of? The TWICE members revealed that Momo personally choreographed it herself!

TWICE’s Greatest Hits Medley

While it isn’t highlighted in the music video, the choreography for “Likey” features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it medley of TWICE’s most famous hits. During Momo’s part in the first verse, the group quickly speeds through their trademark dance moves from “Cheer Up, “TT,” and “Signal.”

Sana also noted that the reason they kiss their thumb and forefinger is to indicate an “L” for “Likey.”

Ending With A Heart

Finally, TWICE pointed out for fans who haven’t noticed that their ending pose for “Likey” is a formation in the shape of a heart!

Watch the full clip of TWICE’s “MV Commentary” below!

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