Watch: NU’EST W Keeps First Music Show Win Promise With Hilarious Version Of “Where You At”

NU’EST W has kept the promise they made for their first music show win with a funny version of their latest title track “Where You At.”

When their new album “W, HERE” had dropped in October, the members of NU’EST W had promised that if they won first place on a music show, they would perform “Where You At” wearing funny costumes and changing parts with each other. During their promotional activities, NU’EST W enjoyed their first music show win ever on “M!Countdown,” and then their first public broadcast music show win ever on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

The video followed NU’EST W as they prepared to keep their promise. From picking what outfits they’d wear to whose part they would cover, everything was chosen at random. JR was set to cover Baekho’s parts as Stitch, and Baekho would cover JR’s parts as SpongeBob Squarepants. Ren and Aron also picked each other, with Ren dressing up as a Smurf and Aron being a yangban (aristocrat).

The members had fun practicing each other’s parts, and their fumbling and confusion of having to learn someone else’s lines was a humorous deviation from their charismatic stage performances. The members managed to pull off quite the performance, with the stand-out member being JR as he did his best to belt out Baekho’s high notes.

Check out the funny clip below, with preparations leading up to the part-change performance starting at 3:51 and the actual performance starting at 10:55!

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