“The Unit” Teams Practice To Become Center Groups For “My Turn” MV

On the November 18 episode of KBS’s idol rebooting project “The Unit,” the contestants began practicing for their first mission.

The contestants divided themselves into their own groups rather than being assigned groups. The teams were then to practice to compete to become the center groups for their first music video, “My Turn.” The centers for the music video were revealed pre-broadcast through the music videos themselves. However, viewers were able to see how the teams were selected.

The Black Team was led by Yang Ji Won and focused their group around Nari, a skilled dancer. However, Yang Ji Won was unable to keep up during dance practices. She sighed and stated, “Since I’m slow at learning the choreography, I need to practice more later.” During the evaluation, Yang Ji Won continued to make mistakes. Rain noticed this and told her, “You are unable to dance right now. Think about if this was a public broadcast right now. It would be a huge problem.” Later, in her individual interview, she shed tears and said, “I’m the leader but because I couldn’t do well, I feel sorry and am embarrassed.”

Another contestant that caught a lot of attention was Anne, who was the center of her group as well as the youngest. She also led the group and showed her confidence as she commented, “If we just do as we practiced, we could get first place.” However, during the evaluations, she made a mistake in the last moment.

The Orange Team picked former T-ara member Han Areum as their leader. However, the group made many mistakes, to which choreographer Kim Hwa Young told them, “Check the broadcast. It’s a mess.”

The Red Team, which was a highly anticipated team due to their skilled members, also had an unexpected member, Lee Bo Lim. As she did not have experience as a girl group member, she struggled with the choreography. She cried and confessed, “I’m scared because I don’t think we’ll be able to film the music video because of me.” During the evaluations, she also made many mistakes to which Kim Hwa Young stated, “The people who are good [at dancing] should lead you,” and picked Eujin as a skilled contestant to help her.

The Green Team also made mistakes, and then in the final group, the Blue Team, solo singer JOO made mistakes.The first male team to perform at evaluations was one with five band members. During their practices, member Daewon led the team in choreography. Dongmyeong, one of the band members who was drenched in sweat, revealed, “It’s hard but I’m happy.” During their evaluations, they showed off their stunning improvement, and the judges complimented them, commented, “It’s your first time dancing, so this is pretty good.”

The next team was the Orange Team. During their vocal practices with mentor Cho Hyun Ah, their Chinese member Casper made an adorable mistake as he misread the lyrics. Unfortunately, he also made a mistake during the evaluations.

U-KISS’s Jun, who was a part of the Green Team, came onto the stage wearing a cast. During their practices, he was leading the team in their choreography but sprained his ankle. However, they were able to pull through the performance well.

Black Team’s leader and A.C.E member Jun lost his timing and made a mistake, however, the group was able to finish without another mistake.

The Red Team, which had gained a lot of attention from the beginning for their skilled members, made quite a few mistakes during their midweek evaluations. Member Kanto even stopped in the middle of the dance. Kim Hwa Young commented, “You all need to go back to the basics.” Afterwards, they trained intensely, even marking their positions with tape. In the final evaluations, they were able to finish their performance without a mistake.

The Blue Team’s center Euijin also made a mistake, which led to the team having a discussion about the center position, eventually giving it to Seyoung. However, the team unfortunately made mistakes during their final evaluations, one of which was that the mentors could not hear the vocals.

The Yellow team, which went last, pulled off a perfect performance, which garnered applause from the mentors.

At the end of the episode, the results of voting done by the contestants were revealed. In last place were the female and male Orange Teams. In first place were the female and male Red Teams.

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