Why Jung Ryeo Won Is Satisfying To Watch On “Witch’s Court”

Viewers have been falling in love with “Witch’s Court”‘s Jung Ryeo Won and her refreshing big-picture style of investigation.

Whenever the plot begins to settle down, she creates twists through her ability to predict the unpredictable, by taking into account the wheres, the whos, and the whats of every scenario.

“Witch’s Court” is about a skilled and tough prosecutor Ma Yi Deum (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and rookie prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook (played by Yoon Hyun Min) who gave up being a doctor in order to become a prosecutor. The two team up together to investigate sexual assault crimes against women and children.

With a law-abiding mind and a personality that can’t bear to see injustice done, Ma Yi Deum is a fresh, new character. Here are three levels of Ma Yi Deum’s big-picture-style of justice.

Level 1: Using instincts and gumption to investigate until the very end

With seven years of prosecuting under her belt and a tough personality, Ma Yi Deum has perfected this first level. In the 1997 sexual assault case, she led the case as an associate lawyer. The scene of her hiding in a corner of the interrogation room to stubbornly eavesdrop on the victim’s testimony not only made many viewers laugh but is a very concrete example of her strong will.

Another example is when she refused to get off of Yeo Jin Wook’s car when he was on his way to meet one of the witnesses, and declared, “I’m only going to be sure when I see and hear it for myself!”

She also showed her attention to detail. During the case involving a released video of a non-celebrity, she noticed that the tablet with the video had an app that would automatically delete the video, and quickly backed it up on her USB. Her ability to think one step ahead has been a crucial part of her dealing with the big picture.

Level 2: Her ability to bait her opponents

With her strong instincts and gutsy personality, she sometimes opts for the more dangerous choices in order to find out the truth. Ma Yi Deum has shown this countless times. For example, during the sexual assault case involving the female professor, she baited the defendant’s lawyer with information about the victim’s private life. Another example is when during the 1987 sexual violence case she skillfully traded information with Jo Gap Soo’s (played by Jun Kwang Ryul) rep Kim Hyung Soo, and was able to find out Jo Gap Soo’s biggest weakness while at the same time lower the guard of her enemy.

Level 3: The last, crucial piece and her confidence in the courtroom

The final level of Ma Yi Deum’s big-picture-style of justice is shown when she starts to smile in court. Because the courtroom is usually palpable with tension, her smile confuses many, but her slam dunks in the courtroom easily solves that confusion.

During the case involving date rape drugs where she uses her client’s pencil to show evidence, and the 1997 sexual violence case where she uses a technicality to bait her opponent, she continuously shows her confidence and ability to think of the big picture.

With only a few episodes left, many are wondering how Ma Yi Deum will wrap up her revenge against Jo Gap Soo with Min Ji Sook (played by Kim Yeo Jin), and how her big picture style of justice will take into effect.

A source from the drama stated, “We would like to thank viewers who have given Ma Yi Deum’s big picture methodology a lot of love. In the next four episodes, Ma Yi Deum will continue her unique style, as she works to topple Jo Gap Soo.”

“Witch’s Court” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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