Will “MIXNINE” Eliminate All But 98 Contestants In The Next Episode?

In a newly released preview for JTBC’s “MIXNINE,” tension builds as the contestants may face their first round of eliminations.

The teaser for the upcoming episode, which will air on November 19, shows the 170 “MIXNINE” participants arriving at the first ranking announcement. To their shock and dismay, they notice that there are only 49 chairs onstage per gender, leading them to wonder if all but 98 contestants will be eliminated.

The preview also teases a battle of the sexes – not only are the individual trainees competing against one another, but they are also split into two teams by gender to compete for votes, with all members of the winning team receiving an additional 1000 points towards their scores.Up until now, the “MIXNINE” contestants have only been evaluated by the show’s judges, but starting with this week’s episode, audience votes will affect their scores as well. After factoring in the audience votes from its showcase on October 28, the show will reveal the official first rankings of the 170 participants.

To find out who will make the cut, tune in to the next episode of “MIXNINE” on November 19 at 4:50 p.m. KST!

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