“My Golden Life” Is Drama With Highest Viewership Ratings Of The Year, Approaching 40 Percent

KBS 2TV’s “My Golden Life” continues its impressive streak!

“My Golden Life” tells the story of a poor family who finds a way to cheat their way into leading a luxurious life. It was written by So Hyun Kyung, the author of the popular drama “My Daughter Seo Young.”

Its first episode recorded 19.7 percent in viewership ratings, and in just four weeks since its premiere, the drama’s viewership went over 30 percent, finally marking 37.9 percent with the November 12 episode. This is the highest drama viewership rating recorded this year. It has been maintaining great ratings, marking 35 percent on November 18.

The consistently high ratings has been catching eyes with viewers, with many wondering if it can break the 40 percent wall. Although weekend dramas tend to have high ratings, the last one that was able to exceed 40 percent was “What Happens to My Family?” in 2015.

The reasons for the drama’s success can be attributed to So Hyun Kyung’s writing skills as well as the cast’s great acting. Although “My Golden Life” deals with topics that are somewhat overused in Korean dramas, So Hyun Kyung has given them a twist and presented them in an original way. The fast-paced plot and relatable personalities of characters are few of the drama’s many charms.

Shin Hye Sun, who plays the role of Seo Ji An, especially stands out among the actors. She has already shown off her acting skills in “Five Children,” but she has been praised for improving even more.

Eyes are on “My Golden Life” to see if it will be able to break 40 percent in viewership ratings with the next episode. The drama airs every weekend at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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