Watch: Female And Male Contestants Of “MIXNINE” Each Perform “Just Dance”

“MIXNINE” has released male and female versions of the “Just Dance” MV.

The MV for “Just Dance,” a song produced by Teddy, had already been revealed before the premiere of “MIXNINE” amid increasing attention. This time, however, there are two versions of the song as female and male contestants perform respectively.

In the girls’ performance, the song starts with Lee Soo Jin in the center. As the song progresses, more girls are revealed on the stage. The contestants sing and dance in synchronization until the lights go off with a spotlight on Lee Soo Jin in the middle of the song. Just like the original MV, the camera zooms out to reveal the stage shaped as the number nine at the end.

Although the base of the song is the same, the lyrics, the choreography, and the details of the song are different in the boys’ performance of “Just Dance.” The format is similar, however, with the spotlight on the boys’ center Kim Hyo Jin and camera finally zooming out to show the entire stage.

Check out the two different versions of “Just Dance” below!

“MIXNINE” airs on Sundays at 4:50 p.m. KST.