Watch: Kim Heechul Really Wants(?) To Become Baek Ji Young’s Partner On “Fantastic Duo 2”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul appeared on the November 19 broadcast of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2” in hopes of becoming Baek Ji Young’s duet partner.

When the MC asked about the song he had prepared for Baek Ji Young, Kim Heechul revealed, “This is a song I liked when I was in high school,” and said he would sing Can’s “My Life’s Spring Day.”

Usually, participants choose to sing the featured star’s song in order to win over their heart. So Baek Ji Young was surprised and asked, “You’re not [going to sing] my song?” to which Kim Heechul joked, “I’ll perform this and leave. This is how I signed the contract.”

Then, Baek Ji Young performed her duet dance track “My Ear’s Candy” with Kim Heechul as well. Check out the two performances below!

Also catch the full episode of “Fantastic Duo 2” below!

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