BoA Talks About Her Height And Friendship With Lee Soo Geun

BoA surprised the cast members of JTBC’s “Night Goblin” as their special guest on the show’s November 19 broadcast.

On the latest episode, the cast members and BoA went to Korea’s most popular travel destination, Jeju Island, in order to find out the most popular eateries and to stand in line to be the first ones to try them.

BoA appeared on the show at the request of Lee Soo Geun because the two are close friends. Lee Soo Geun asked, “Doesn’t she look at my sibling?”

BoA responded, “Our heights [make it look] as if we are siblings. Why do we think we didn’t grow?” to which Lee Soo Geun replied, “I don’t think it would’ve fit if BoA were tall.”

Then the comedian commented that the cast members didn’t believe him when he said that he was friends with BoA. The singer commented, “That’s right. Why did we get close? I think we became friends naturally, which means that we’re actually close.”

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