Kim So Hee From “Produce 101” Shares Her Advice For Survival Show Contestants

Former “Produce 101” contestant Kim So Hee, who made her solo debut on November 7, recently sat down for an interview about her new release.

Kim So Hee commented that she had wanted to show a different side of herself through her debut, saying, “I wanted to make people think, ‘Did Kim So Hee have this side to her?’ I wanted to surprise people. To be honest, that’s what I was going for.”

When asked whether she had considered using a stage name, she replied, “I know that there are already many celebrities named ‘So Hee’ in the entertainment industry. I did think about using a stage name, but there wasn’t a name that suited me aside from my real name.” She playfully added, “Don’t I look exactly like a ‘Kim So Hee’?”

The “Produce 101” veteran also shared her support for the contestants of the survival shows that are currently airing. “As someone who has experienced [a survival show], what I want to say to them is, ‘Hang in there until the very end,'” she remarked. “I agree with the saying, ‘Those who survive until the end are the strongest.'”

She went on, “Simply doing one’s best and not giving up, regardless of the rankings, is itself worthy of applause. I’m rooting for everyone who is taking on this challenge.”

In addition to her debut earlier this month, Kim So Hee recently released a duet with Block B’s Taeil for the soundtrack of the OCN drama “Melo Holic.”

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