Kim Sun Ho Goes About His Day As A Conman In “Two Cops” Stills

What kind of day-to-day life does a conman lead?

That’s the question Kim Sun Ho aims to answer in his upcoming MBC drama “Two Cops,” also starring Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri.

Kim Sun Ho’s character, Gong Soo Chang, is a conman whose spirit takes over the body of Jo Jung Suk’s police detective character. Gong Soo Chang uses his quick wit, fast-talking skills, and expressive face to win people over and take what he needs from them.

In the new stills, Kim Sun Ho can be seen talking up his latest target and smirking to himself as he goes about his business. In one shot, he looks at someone’s wallet and looks pleased as punch.

“Two Cops” is set to begin airing on November 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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