“Because This Is My First Life” Stills Tease Changes To Jung So Min And Lee Min Ki’s Relationship

New stills from tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life” teases changes to Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min’s relationship, pushed along by the appearance of Lee Chung Ah.

The latest episode ended with Nam Sae Hee (played by Lee Min Ki) asking Yoon Ji Ho (played by Jung So Min), “Do you want to sleep together?” The upcoming episode will begin right where this moment left off, and viewers will be able to see whether Nam Sae Hee and Yoon Ji Ho’s relationship will move one step forward.

For a long time, Nam Sae Hee had closed his heart off from others after receiving a poetry book from his ex Go Jung Min (played by Lee Chung Ah) with a post-it note that read, “You don’t deserve to be in love.” However, it seems like he’s ready to finally open his heart up to someone and it remains to be seen what Yoon Ji Ho’s answer to his question will be.

The next set of stills show Jung So Min and Lee Chung Ah sharing a bottle of makgeolli (rice wine) together in a restaurant. The two are having a conversation together, and viewers are intrigued to know what they’re talking about as what ties them together is their connection to Nam Sae Hee.

This is actually not the first time that the two women are meeting. Ji Ho and Jung Min met by chance at a cafe, and Jung Min helped Ji Ho put on a pair of earrings that she had received from Sae Hee. Jung Min temporarily sat down in Sae Hee’s spot and revealed that the seat had a special meaning for them as she said, “This is the best spot to see the sky.”

The reason for Yoon Ji Ho and Go Jung Min meeting will be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Because This Is My First Life.” It remains to be seen how Jung Min’s appearance will affect everything, right when Sae Hee is starting to let go of his painful past and open up to Ji Ho.

Episode 13 of “Because This Is My First Life” will air on November 20 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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