Super Junior Fulfills Promise By Selling Jackets On Home Shopping Network And They’re A Huge Hit

Super Junior became the first idol group to feature on a home shopping channel, and completely sold out the down jackets they promised to sell as a celebration of reaching a milestone in album sales.

On November 20, Super Junior appeared on home shopping network CJ O Shopping to fulfill their album sales promise by selling black long down jackets. The group had promised fans that they would appear on a home shopping network if they sold 200,000 copies of their album, and went through with the promise after reaching the milestone.

The coats they sold were a reference to their title track “Black Suit,” and all the customers who ordered a jacket received a copy of their album “PLAY” as well.

Super Junior members Leeteuk, Yesung, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Kim Heechul performed the group’s latest title track “Black Suit” wearing the black long down jackets. The members were hilarious as they also modeled and struck various poses in the jackets.

Leader Leeteuk said, “It’s so chaotic it’s hard to believe if it’s real or not. We became the first idol group to appear on a home shopping network.”

Kim Heechul showed his business sense as he commented, “While black suits are nice, it’s hard to wear out in the cold winter. There are back and white long down jackets in various colors. I hope you spend this winter warmly.”

Leeteuk emceed the show, Kim Heechul maintained the flow of conversation, and Shindong responded to customer call inquiries, while members Donghae, Yesung, and Eunhyuk modeled the coats. Shindong also pledged, “If all the long down jackets sell out, we will film a ‘One More Chance’ music video wearing the jackets.”

The Super Junior members sold 9,000 sets of the long down jackets they were advertising within the first 30 minutes, and then completely sold out the coats in all sizes in an hour!

Check out the guys being hilariously serious as they model their coats to “One More Chance” on the home shopping network below.

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