22 Spectacular Moments Of BTS At The 2017 American Music Awards

Earlier this year, BTS took over the internet and made a huge splash worldwide with their historical Billboard appearance and win. Now they are taking over again with their first ever televised stage performance in America at the 2017 American Music Awards. There is so much buzz going around about BTS since they arrived in America; there is no stopping their rocketing ascent into international stardom!

Here are just a few moments you don’t want to miss of BTS at the American Music Awards!

1. When people were asking for the names of whichever member caught their eye.

2. We can’t blame them though, especially when BTS showed up looking like this!

3. When the boys had mixed opinions on whether they were nervous or not.

4. When Jimin slayed us with that chest popping rhythm!

5. When Suga called himself a bad boy on loop; just because.

6. When the ever-faithful Sejin was spotted with coffee on the red carpet.

7. When Niall said he had read up on the boys recently!

We can’t leave out when the boys found out that he knew about them either!

8. When Desiigner was just as excited as we are about their upcoming collab.

9. When they got asked the important questions about #BTSLoveMyself and #ENDviolence

10. When the crowd went wild before they were even seated.

11. When BTS got their own intro video so people can know all of the members!

12. When Ansel Elgort was their biggest fanboy all over again!

13. Of course the ultimate moment of truth we were waiting for!

14. When the fanchants were so loud they took over the venue!

15. When Jimin’s jacket became the victim of Kookie’s nervous energy.

16. When RM was working double time even after their performance.

17. When they got to connect with other artists at the AMAs!

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18. When they had the most hilarious reactions to interacting with gorgeous celebrities!

19. When they got that Korean and American media coverage!

20. When the dust cleared and new fans were being found.

21. When Twitter blew up about everything BTS!

22. And finally, when it was revealed that BTS has made a Guinness World Record!

For all of the ARMYs out there that need more photos of this huge event; the AMAs have them for you!

What was your favorite part of BTS at the AMA’s? Let us know in the comments!

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