IU Receives Attention For Her Sweet And Thoughtful Fan Service

IU has gained attention for her thoughtful fan service!

Many fans recently noticed that IU bought various snacks whenever she was working abroad. After returning back to Korea, she would give these snacks one by one to fans that she would meet.

According to one Twitter user, from 2012, IU would pass out snacks to fans that came to greet her at the airport, and said, “Share these with each other.” The user commented, “It started with star candy but now it’s snacks that you could gift to someone during the holidays.”

Some snacks that she has given out are famous Japanese banana chips and chocolate, as well as well-known holiday snacks from Hong Kong. She is also known to have given seaweed and traditional Korean sweets to her Japanese fans.

Another aspect of this sweet fan service is that IU purchases and distributes these snacks herself, rather than asking her manager or other staff members. Netizens have commented, “Her thoughtfulness towards fans is so beautiful,” and “Her heart is just as beautiful as she is.”

What do you think of her fan service?

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