Police Source Explains Why Apink’s Bomb Threat Suspect Is Difficult To Punish

Following initial death and bomb threats in June, Apink continues to suffer from bomb threats. With the latest bomb threat interrupting the press conference for Jung Eun Ji‘s upcoming drama “Untouchable,” frustrations are rising.

News outlet Sports Kyunghyang spoke with a police source to find out whether or not the suspect behind these threats can be arrested. The interview is as follows:

What is the status of the investigation?

“It is presumed that the suspect behind the ‘Untouchable’ press conference case on November 21 is the same culprit who made threats last month. The suspect is Korean American and currently living in Canada. His identity has been figured out but he is not at his original residence, so they are trying to track down his location.”

Will it be difficult to arrest a suspect overseas?

“An American in Canada is committing a crime against a Korean celebrity. Thus we requested cooperation for the investigation from the United States and Canada. However, it’s a complex situation with three countries getting involved. Although it’s presumed that he’s of Korean ethnicity he doesn’t have Korean citizenship. It will be difficult to punish him if Canada does not send him [to Korea]. Requests are continuously being made but we can’t know if the police dragnet is closing in on him. An investigation is taking place through Interpol as well, but while this case is a serious crime in our situation it may not be considered important in that country.”

How can the suspect get arrested?

“The most important factor is the stances from the United States and Canada. If they regard it simply as an insane person making false reports then proceedings will not be favorable. What we can do will be limited. In the case that an American Korean commited the same crime against an American celebrity while in Korea, the American police would not be able to do much about it either. Apink’s threat case will depend on whether or not the United States and Canada’s authorities who have jurisdiction have volition [to do something]. This part is something we can’t proceed with against their will. If cooperation from the United States and Canada goes well, it is possible to punish the suspect in Korea under Korean law. The severity of the punishment will be judged by the court.”

What are your thoughts on the case?

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