Watch: JYP And YG Entertainment Trainees Put On Impressive Performances During Battle On “Stray Kids”

The November 21 episode of Mnet’s “Stray Kids” finally showed the much-anticipated battle between JYP and YG Entertainment trainees!

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young evaluated all the trainees prior to the battle. After the rap line’s performance, Park Jin Young told Bang Chan, who had made the track’s beat, not to participate in the battle but focus on editing the track instead.

Park Jin Young also advised Yang Jeong In not to participate in the vocal team’s performance, commenting that he “wasn’t quite at the level for the battle.” However, Park Jin Young was impressed by the dance performance, and all the trainees were allowed to participate.

JYP Entertainment trainees’ rap line, 3RACHA, was first in line for the battle between JYP and YG Entertainment. 3RACHA’s Seo Chang Bin and Han Ji Sung impressed YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyuk Suk with their performance of a track inspired by the Russian dolls matryoshka. Yang Hyun Suk complimented the two trainees, and said “I hope [you guys] become rappers recognized as idols and by the hip hop scene.”

On the other hand, YG Entertainment’s first stage was a solo performance by former “K-Pop Star” contestant Bang Ye Dam. Yang Hyun Suk commented, “Bang Ye Dam became first in search rankings after his name was mentioned. Many people seem to be curious, so I thought it would be good to show how much Ye Dam has grown.” Park Jin Young complimented Bang Ye Dam after his performance, saying “As expected, Bang Ye Dam is Bang Ye Dam.”

The second round features the vocal team’s performance, which will be shown in the next episode. “Stray Kids” main vocal Kim Woo Jin expressed his desire to do well amidst Park Jin Young’s nervousness.

Check out the “Stray Kids” rap line’s performance and YG Entertainment trainee Bang Ye Dam’s solo performance below!

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