Wanna One Shares Which Members Would Be Their Biases If They Were Fans

Wanna One has revealed which members they’d pick to be their biases, their roommates, and their brothers!

On November 21, Wanna One members Hwang Min Hyun, Ha Sung Woon, Park Woo Jin, and Kim Jae Hwan appeared on the SBS Power FM radio show “NCT’s Night Night.” The idols were asked various questions about their fellow members, including which members they would choose as their biases if they were fans of the group.

Hwang Min Hyun picked Park Woo Jin, explaining, “In daily life, he’s very cute and acts like a playful high school senior. But onstage, he has so much charisma, and he dances and raps so well. He has an unexpected charm. So I think he’d be my bias.”

Park Woo Jin chose Bae Jin Young and praised his looks. “Jin Young has a very small face and strong features,” said Park Woo Jin.

Ha Sung Woon shared, “I picked Min Hyun. Min Hyun has a great voice and is a good singer, but I just really like Min Hyun as a person. He always works hard at everything he does, and he’s someone who, if you ask him for something, will come through no matter what.”

He went on, “Even today, I was holding something heavy, and he offered to carry it for me instead, and he carried it by himself all the way home.” He concluded jokingly, “So I think I’ve fallen for Min Hyun.”

Kim Jae Hwan’s choice was Kang Daniel. He revealed, “When we’re in the dorms, we see each other shirtless, and he looks very good.”The four also chose which members they would want as their brothers in real life. Both Hwang Min Hyun and Park Woo Jin picked Ha Sung Woon, with Hwang Min Hyun explaining, “After spending a lot of time with him, I realized that we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. And these days, I keep laughing at everything he says. He’s been making me laugh a lot these days. So I think it’d be great to have him as a brother.”

Park Woo Jin remarked, “[Sung Woon] takes good care of us. He treats us like same-age friends and jokes around with us. But then, sometimes, he’ll talk to us about serious matters like an older brother, and it’s really touching.”

Ha Sung Woon, in turn, picked Park Woo Jin. “Everything Woo Jin does makes me feel like I’m watching myself when I was younger. So there’s a lot that I want to teach him, and I find myself wanting to take care of him like a younger brother. And I think he’d be a really good younger brother.”

Kim Jae Hwan chose Hwang Min Hyun, with Ha Sung Woon commenting, “Min Hyun takes care of Jae Hwan a lot. Even on ‘Produce 101,’ he said he wanted to be [in the group] with him and really looked after him.”The next question was which member saves the most pictures of himself on his phone. Ha Sung Woon laughed in response, “It’s funny, because I know who everyone else chose, and they are exactly the people that I wanted to choose: Jin Young, Ji Sung, and Jae Hwan.”

Hwang Min Hyun elaborated, “[Jin Young] looks at pictures of himself a lot. And he has a lot of interest in hairstyles, so he seems to check those out a lot.”

Ha Sung Woon went on, “Ji Sung is always staring at his photos. And he’s impressed by himself. Jae Hwan, too. I think he loves himself a lot.” Hwang Min Hyun chimed in, “Ji Sung’s phone wallpaper is his own picture.”

Kim Jae Hwan actually chose himself, apparently acknowledging Ha Sung Woon’s assertion. “Whenever I get my hair and makeup done, I always take a selfie,” he said. “The [photos] I save most are the ones that fans take of me onstage. The photos don’t look like me—they look very pretty, [the fans] edit them so well. So I save them as my background.”

Park Woo Jin amusingly revealed that he had misunderstood the question, saying, “I thought it was asking who took the most pictures of me.” He explained that Hwang Min Hyun takes a lot of prank photos of him behind the scenes.

The Wanna One members were also asked which members they want to room with when they travel overseas. Ha Sung Woon and Park Woo Jin both picked Hwang Min Hyun, noting that he was very tidy and would clean up for his roommate without saying anything. Park Woo Jin shared that he almost always rooms with Hwang Min Hyun when they go abroad, saying, “We match each other perfectly. The moment we arrive, we organize everything.”

Hwang Min Hyun chose Ha Sung Woon, saying that he thought it would be fun to room with him. Kim Jae Hwan initially chose Ong Sung Woo, but then changed his mind and said that he’d prefer to be alone.The four also revealed which members are most active in their group chat, with all of them agreeing that Kim Jae Hwan, Yoon Ji Sung, Hwang Min Hyun, Ha Sung Woon, and Ong Sung Woo talked the most. As for the member that read their messages without replying, they unanimously chose Bae Jin Young. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jin Young [write in the group chat],” said Kim Jae Hwan with a laugh.

Which member of Wanna One would you want as your brother or roommate? Leave your thoughts below!

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